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You've reached the home page for the Dvorak family. Sorry that there isn't much here, but you can find links to our photo album and to the web page for the private Rolling Hills Observatory, Dad's playground.


After growing up in the North, we grew tired of the cloudy, dreary winters and decided to pull up stakes and move to the Sunshine State. We felt that we needed to make the move while our children were small so we didn't disrupt their schooling. Both of us had moved several times during our school years, and didn't want our children to undergo the same struggles with losing old friends and having to build new ones. We put our house up for sale and decided that we'd just pack up and leave once it sold, regardless of whether we had jobs lined up in our new home.

As it turned out our house sold fairly quickly, but my employer convinced me to stay a few more months to help transition. We ended up renting two houses over the period of four months - moving twice is in quick sucession is no fun! When the second house sold out from under us we decided that enough was enough and that it was time to make the move to Central Florida.

As luck would have it, I managed to swing an interview with FedEx during a preliminary trip to Florida to move one of our cars, and was quickly hired. This made the transition smoother, although we still had to struggle with getting the kids and dog to Florida, and with finding a rental house from a thousand miles away. Deb's parents were instrumental in securing a house, finding a reasonably pleasant three bedroom house in Lake County west of Orlando. We liked the area so much that we ended up building a home nearby.

Last Updated: 16 Feb 2004