Photograph of RHO


Located in the rolling sandhill country of southern Lake County (W81.725, N28.557) in sunny central Florida, Rolling Hills Observatory is a small private facility dedicated to variable star observations, both visually and photometrically.

Run by Shawn Dvorak, the observatory consists of 10" and 14" LX200 telescopes used with SBIG STT-8300M and ST-9XE CCD cameras. The equipment is situated in a 10' x 12' outbuilding with a roll-off roof. Computers in the observatory control the telescopes and cameras allowing remote access and control via a fibre-optic network cable to the house. The equipment is is used primarily for automated photometry of variable stars. Thanks to a combination of commercial and in-house software the telescopes can run all night with no human intervention, collecting thousands of star observations

Last Updated: 02 May 2017